# Interview with David Baverez

I had the chance to speak with an old friend the other day. His name is David Baverez and I met him in early 2000 when he was still a portfolio manager at Fidelity.

When we first met, he was already one of the most contrarian portfolio managers I had ever encountered. In 2010, David anticipated the European Sovereign Crisis and returned the funds to his investors. He felt 2008 would mark a generational shift and decided to go travelling to anticipate the “New World”. He settled in Hong Kong in 2012, but we kept in touch.

Fundbridge has a global, international network, which is a key strength, and builds the bridge between investors and asset managers. In our daily work, we also come across interesting investment professionals who we have worked with and learnt to appreciate over the years. Whilst looking at the latest developments in China, I had the opportunity to discuss China with David Baverez, who has been a portfolio manager in the past, who lives in Hong Kong and who kept close to the market as a private investor. These insights will be shared in the Fundbridge Newsroom.

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